Students Get Interactive with Science

During the month of January, Mr. Zawacki’s Biology and Anatomy classes collaborated with the PCS Technology team, to provide students with an immersive and interactive learning experience by integrating our new zSpace laptops. zSpace technology has the ability to enhance learning through an interactive experience by integrating AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology with science, math, and CTE (career technical education) topics.

Students completed engaging activities such as dissecting and interacting with mitochondria, cells, and muscles. The activities were designed to supplement the existing curriculum, while supporting retention and recall of information in a non-traditional immersive classroom environment. Students were able to see these objects come off of the screen and then rotate and move them, while studying each section. The 360 degree screen-breaking experience is achieved through built-in eye tracking sensors and a stylus pen.

We hope to dive deeper with zSpace in our science courses and for career exploration activities with our students. More information about zSpace can be found at

Student using zSpaceStudent using zSpaceStudent using zSpace
Student using zSpaceStudent using zSpaceStudent using zSpace
* Students see a 3D object as they use the stylus to navigate the activity.

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