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PCS Academic Excellence Framework for Teaching & Learning

Pacelli Catholic Schools offers a world-class, rigorous academic experience for all students. Our Catholic faith is at the heart of our curriculum and forms the foundation of all we do in the classroom. Our curriculum, instruction, and assessments work together to develop students that are not only knowledgeable, faith-filled, and compassionate, but also students who demonstrate the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, and concern for others so that they leave our schools prepared to be leaders in our 21st century global society.

Students are challenged on a daily basis to strive for academic excellence. We offer relevant curriculum that focuses on the skills and knowledge students need to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively, make cross-curricular connections, communicate effectively, collaborate with one another, and grow spiritually.


Arts & Physical Education | Language Arts | Mathematics | Religion | Science | Social Studies | World Languages

The curriculum for Pacelli Catholic Schools is written to surpass all state standards.  Our goal is to provide all students with the most challenging education possible.  Additionally, curriculum is written in accordance with the Diocese of LaCrosse, so that the Catholic faith is infused into all curricular areas.  Curriculum teams at both the Diocesan and local level are involved in this process.  Common Core standards are always met or exceeded in our curriculum writing.

Arts & Physical Education

The subjects of art, music and physical education all have a written curriculum.  The goal in each area is to help each child develop their own unique talents, exposing them to all aspects of the topic area.  Students have an opportunity to participate in a number of individual ways, including performances, displays, contests, and more.  In physical education, the emphasis is on skill development, cooperation, and lifelong fitness.

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Language Arts

Language arts encompass the areas of phonics, reading, writing, listening, and grammar.  A sequential program is developed so that beginning in 4K, students are exposed to literacy training throughout the day.  Classroom instruction is individualized, using researched-based techniques like the Daily Five and CAFÉ. Writing and reading in many different categories and genres is included each year.

There are a number of enrichment programs that PCS use to enhance reading.  Accelerated Reading is a computerized, reading comprehension program that creates comprehension skills and an increased enthusiasm for learning.  Students are able to take tests on upwards of 140,000 different books.  Programs are also done in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, including America Reads and the Literacy Lab.  The Literacy Lab has reading education classes from UWSP taught in the school building, and college students and professors then work with students to enrich and enhance their reading instruction.

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Students use Singapore Math for their mathematics program, and the curriculum is directly related to that program.  Singapore Math is modeled after the national curriculum of Singapore, which for many years has scored the highest on international mathematics testing.  In contrast, the United States is in the middle to lower level internationally.  

Singapore Math focuses on creating a very strong number sense and understanding of basic operations in the early years, and then building upon that at an accelerated pace each year.  Core topics are stressed, so that students can master the most important and vital subjects early.  This allows all students to move ahead mathematically. Top of Page

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A specific diocesan curriculum is provided to all schools in the area of religion.  Religion is to be taught daily, and students attend mass every week, taking roles in the liturgical celebration.  Additionally, special activities are held during the liturgical year, such as during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, to enhance student’s understanding of the scripture, morals and other Catholic traditions.  The diocesan Virtues Program is also part of the religion program. Students make their First Communion and First Reconciliation in their own parishes.  After that has been done, these sacraments are celebrated regularly throughout the school year. Go here for the full Diocese of LaCrosse Religion curriculum or view by grade level below:

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The goal of the science program is to allow children the opportunity to explore and do science, as opposed to reading science.  Hands-on activities are incorporated at all levels.  There is a sequential list of topics covered in each grade, so that students are exposed to all subject areas within science, including biology, earth science, geology, life science, physical science, and more.  A special diocesan supplement is used to make sure that sensitive science topics are taught in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum requires students to study a wide variety of topics each year.  These areas include components of writing, reading, and problem solving.  Some of the areas covered in social studies include Wisconsin history, landforms, geography, colonial life, American and World history, and more.

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World Languages

Pacelli Catholic Schools offer Spanish for grades 5-12, and introduce French at the high school.

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