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2021 Scholarship Recipients

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Scholarship Tips for Success

Current Students Grades K-7

Okray Memorial Scholarship (Grades K-7) & Plover American Legion Post 543 Scholarship in Honor of Rick Rossier (Grade 7)
The Edward A., Abigail A., & Adam E. Okray Memorial Scholarship is available to all Pacelli Catholic Schools students who are members of the St. Bronislava Parish. The Plover American Legion Post 543 Scholarship in Honor of Rick Rossier is for current 7th grade students who are members of St. Bronislava Parish. The applications for these scholarships are due by  April 1, 2021 by 11:59pm via the electronic applications. Current K-7th Grade Student Scholarship Information

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Current Grades 8-11 Scholarships to Attend Pacelli Catholic High School

The following scholarships are for students attending Pacelli Catholic High School in the fall. All scholarship opportunities listed below are due by  April 1, 2021 by 11:59pm via the electronic applications. Current 8th Grade Student Scholarship Information | Current 9-11th Grade Student Scholarship Information

Teacher Recommendation Form

Please click on the following links for more information and to download specific applications:

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Pacelli Catholic High School – Senior College Scholarships

The following scholarships are due by April 1, 2021 by 11:59pm via the electronic applications.

Teacher Recommendation Form

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College Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

The scholarship opportunities listed below are available for students who will be attending college in the fall.  Click on the links listed in red for more details.  Please note:  deadlines are updated as we are notified.  The deadlines on the actual applications are most up-to-date.  Some scholarships may not be available every year.  If you have additional questions regarding scholarships, please contact the High School Counseling Office.

 Scholarship Name Deadline
 AB Nicholas Scholarship–Basketball Involvement April 30, 2022
 Abbott & Fenner Annual Scholarship June 12, 2022
AES Essay Scholarship October 8, 2021
AFSA Scholarship Program October 31, 2021
Agri-Business Committee Scholarship (local) February 26, 2021
Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship February 18, 2021
American Legion Scholarships-Need a Lift N/A
American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Program Email sheri@wilegion.org for branch information
American Legion Schneider-Emanuel Scholarship March 1
Americanism Scholarships & Programs Various
B. Davis Scholarship May 21, 2022
Big Sun Scholarship June 19, 2022
Coca-Cola Scholars Program October 31 (Annually)
Covered Scholarship College  Various
Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin (Local) February 15 (Annually)
Dave’s “Ride A Bike” Scholarship Video Ongoing
Dell Scholars Program December 1, 2021
Discus Awards N/A
Dozynki Harvest Fest Scholarship September 7, 2021
Dr. Gordon Backer Memorial Scholarship March 16, 2021
Elks Foundation – Most Valuable Student November 15, 2021
Elks Foundation – Legacy Award February 7, 2022
Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin December 20, 2021
FastWeb Scholarships N/A
Financial Futures Scholarship July 31 (Annually)
Fleet Reserve Americanism Essay Contest December 1, 2021
Fly Rides Scholarship December 23, 2021
FormSwift: Startup Scholarship Various
GE -Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program January 6, 2022
Grow My Ads Scholarship February 28, 2022
Heisman High School Scholarship October 19, 2021
HomeLight Scholarship -Spring April 15, 2022
HomeLight Scholarship – Fall November 15, 2021
Hosting Advice (Computer-Science) Scholarship September 30, 2021
Hunger & Poverty Prevention (local) Scholarship May 5, 2021
Junction City Lions Club Scholarship February 15, 2022
Kaplan Group Business Scholarship August 15, 2021
Kids Chance of Wisconsin May 1, Annually
Kohl Excellence Scholarship November 16, 2021
Lake DuBay Lions Club Scholarship March 25, 2021
Lend EDU Various
Lift Parts Express Scholarship April 30, 2022
LM Scholarship May 1, 2022
Mid-State Technical College -Scholarships Various
NHS Scholarship December 1, 2021
North Spore Scholarship December 17, 2021
Odenza Marketing Scholarship October 30, 2022
OppU Scholarship 3/31. 6/30, 9/30, 12/31
P.L.A.Y. Scholarship February 28, 2022
Portage County Deputy Sheriff’s Association March 18, 2021
Rotary Club of Stevens Point April 7, 2021 (Submit to Counseling Office)
Saint Michael’s Foundation Scholarships March 1, 2021
Scholarships.com  N/A
SchoolSoup.com  N/A
SFM Foundation Scholarship March 31
Sprinkler Supply Store Scholarship December 31, 2021
Stevens Point Noon Optimist Club Scholarship March 19, 2021
Student Scholarships.Org Various
SuperMoney’s Financial Literacy Scholarship December
UNCF Scholarships Various
Voice of Democracy Scholarship October 31, 2021
Wealth Wise Scholarship December 31, Annually
Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Association Scholarships January 15, 2022
Wisconsin Public Service-Technical College April 30, 2021
Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Scholarship March 6, Annually
Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship Program May 28, 2021
WSTF Scholarship February 11, 2021
Xello High School Scholarship December 10, 2021
You Deserve It Scholarship September 29, 2021
Zippia’s Annual Dream Job Scholarship December 31, Annually