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Learning Resources

Learning Resource Program Mission Statement

The Learning Resource Program exists to empower students with unique needs in becoming successful academically by teaching students study and organizational skills and facilitate student-teacher-parent communication.

Purpose Statement

The ultimate goal of the Learning Resource Program is to give students the advocacy and study skills to become self-sufficiently successful in and out of the classroom.  This will be done in a multi-pronged approach.  By providing a multifaceted program, we will give students the assistance they need while empowering them to excel individually.  Some of these services include:

  • Developing Self-Advocacy Skills–  Being able to communicate with teachers and others is a skill that is essential to every student, but is particularly important for students with special needs.  Teaching communication skills is the backbone of success in the Learning Resource Program.  The Learning Resource Teacher will not communicate for the student or parent, but will facilitate an open line of communication between them and the teachers.
  • Study Support–  The Learning Resource Program works with teachers on campus and the campus tutoring liaison to provide additional support for students in specific academic subjects.  The belief that classroom teachers are capable of providing the most detailed and thorough instruction is supported by encouraging students to actively participate in class.  Additional instruction may be provided by tutors if a student need arises.
  • Organization Skills– Within the Learning Resource Lab, a focal point will be organizing students.  Giving the students the tools and a method to organize their course work and their time and keeping them accountable for organizing their coursework, the students will be able to be successful in multiple classes and move more towards independence.
  • Provide Tools for Differentiating Instruction (Teachers)– By helping teachers develop their teaching repertoire and assisting them with understanding struggling learners, the LRP will help student be successful during their class time and diminish student reliance on the Learning Resource Lab.
  • Work with Staff to Identify Struggling Students– The Learning Resource Teacher works closely with the School Counselor and the Principal to identify students who are struggling in and out of the classroom to provide them with an individual plan to ensure their mental, physical, and social health and provide a positive environment that will provide resiliency.
  • Goal Setting– By helping students identify long and short term goals, students will remain more focused and by celebrating success, students will develop the self-confidence that they need to continue momentum and the resiliency to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Provide Accommodations– Working with our administration, the LRT will work to provide accommodations in class and for testing for students with appropriate documented disabilities.