Teacher Appreciation Week Kindness Challenge

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Each day of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re rolling out a kindness challenge. In honor of our teachers and the kindness they spread to us, our families, and our community, we’re going to repay them by paying forward acts of kindness in their honor.

Check out the details on each day’s challenge below and make your plans to be kind to one another in honor of our teachers.

Day 1: Say “I Love You” Sunday (May 7)

Today, the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week is Say “I Love You” Sunday. Tell your family and those closest to you how much they mean to you and that you love them.

Day 2: Meal Monday (May 8)

Eat lunch with someone new. Sit down as a family for dinner and plan your acts of kindness for the week.

Day 3: Tell Them Tuesday (May 9)

Say nice things to people you see. Give compliments and praise.

Day 4: Wow Wednesday (May 10)

Make someone’s day by leaving an anonymous gift (candy bar, note, flower, etc.) or do an act of service.

Day 5: Thank You Note Thursday (May 11)

Write and give a thank you note to someone you appreciate but don’t tell often, like a teacher you see every day.

Day 6: Friendly Friday (May 12)

Introduce yourself to someone new or talk to someone you see every day but don’t usually speak to.

Day 7: Smile Saturday (May 13)

Smile at as many people as you can throughout the day. Try to get them to smile back.

Check out our Thank a Teacher page to join in on more Teacher Appreciation Week fun.

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