Pacelli ACT Scores Continue to Soar Above State and National Averages

Pacelli Catholic High School’s composite ACT scores continue to beat both state and national averages for yet another year. Pacelli’s scores beat the national composite score of 20.8 by 3.6 points and the state composite score of 20.5 by 3.9 points.

Posting a composite ACT score of 24.4 for the 2015-2016 school year, Pacelli students add their high scores to a longstanding tradition of academic excellence, achieving one of the highest scores in the school’s history. Over the past three years, the school’s ACT scores have continued to steadily increase, a sign of continued success in the coming years.

PCHS students and faculty have their sights set on reaching a composite score of 25.0, a score rarely reached by high schools.

 Despite their push for continued academic rigor, Larry Theiss, PCHS Principal, states that the success of Pacelli is so much more than high ACT scores, it is about having a close knit, relational learning environment.

“Our goal at Pacelli isn’t just to score high ACT scores, rather we want to make sure every single student who graduates is ready to be successful,” said Theiss. “As a staff, we focus on the individual needs of each and every student. We pride ourselves on the academic, social, and personal attention we can provide all of our students.”

Parents, too, can see the results of Pacelli’s push for academic success beyond high school.

“The Pacelli students are well prepared for their next move whether it be college or the world of work,” says Terri Kroening, parent of 4 PCHS students. “The teachers have high expectations for each of the students. Everyone is held to a high bar and supported to reach it.”

Over the past three years, the high school staff has developed a curriculum that focus on ACT College Career Readiness Standards.

“As teachers develop their lesson plans, they make sure to align their teaching to what students need after high school,” said Theiss. “Skills that include critical thinking, analysis of information, and ability to apply their learning to complex problems.”

As a result of this culture, Pacelli was recently recognized by ACT as one a top 10% high school in the state for college success.

“Pacelli students are leaving better prepared and ultimately more successful than their peers from other schools,” said Theiss.

Stevens Point City TimesPacelli ACT Scores Soar Above State, National Averages

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