Pacelli Catholic Elementary School Students Learn How to ACT in Bullying Situations

Students in Pacelli Catholic Elementary Schools learned some important lessons on Tuesday.  There is something they can do to reduce negative behaviors and bullying in their lives.

The students participated in an interactive theater presentation with CLIMB Theatre.  CLIMB is an educational theatre organization out of Minneapolis, MN that brings valuable lessons to students throughout the Midwest.  Students in Pacelli grades K-5 spent the day enjoying theater, while learning specific skills to handle bullying situations and to be a better friend.

Standing up to bullying isn’t an easy task. CLIMB acknowledges this and the difference in each individual child. CLIMB’s bullying prevention steps include ACT (Act calm, Change the subject, Take off Safely) and SEW (Say stop, Engage in something else, Walk away), both helping students to feel more comfortable when responding to bullying.

Gregg Hansel, Pacelli Catholic Elementary School Principal and Director of Education, noted how well the annual presentation from CLIMB fits in with other existing programs at the schools.

“Our Virtues Program, Bucket Filling, and Star programs all incorporate these elements,” said Hansel. “Helping students to follow the Golden Rule – treating others as you want to be treated – and focusing on positive behaviors.”

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