Portesi Awards Grants to Catholic Schools

Posted on Nov 3, 2017 by

The Portesi Fund for Catholic Education has awarded grants for four projects across all levels of students enrolled with Pacelli Catholic Schools to enhance their learning in various areas.

Pacelli Catholic Elementary Schools-St. Bronislava & St. Stephen

The elementary schoolsl are receiving funding to purchase sets of guided reading books at a variety of levels, allowing for more individualized reading instruction and making instruction more consistent and less expensive.

Pacelli Catholic Middle School

Fifth grade students will be purchasing up-to-date and user-friendly atlases to learn the skills of identifying places on maps. They will improve their understanding of regions, countries, and cultures through current atlas study. In a second funded project, fifth grade students will also be receiving weekly issues of Current Events-Scholastic News Magazine. As a class, they will read through the articles and make connections to the world while also strengthening their reading comprehension and fluency.

Pacelli Catholic High School

Funding for additional copies of YOUCAT Catechisms will be available for the freshman class. Adding more copies will allow for students to complete reading assignments at home or in their study halls, allowing more class time for instruction and discussion of assigned readings.

Established in 1999, the Portesi Fund for Catholic Education is a designated fund administered by the Community Fund of Central Wisconsin. The fund serves as a resource for Pacelli Catholic Schools’ teachers to fund special projects or equipment specifically aimed at enriching the classroom experience.

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