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Because our school system is blessed with an abundant number of wonderful families who truly make Catholic education a priority and a valued tradition, we’re proud to showcase them and share their stories with you. We wish to extend a special thank you again to the Pisarski family for serving as Pacelli Annual Fund Co-Chairs and sharing their stories of Catholic education in their lives throughout the year starting with family patriarch Frank Pisarski Sr.

The Pisarski family has a long-standing tradition, pride, and love for Catholic education, especially here at Pacelli Catholic Schools. Click on the individual names below to hear the personal stories from three generations of Pisarskis and why they’re proud to support Pacelli Catholic Schools.

Frank Pisarski Sr Elaine (Pisarski) Jakusz ’81 Ellen (Pisarski) Klesta ’79
Dave Pisarski ’87 Frank Pisarski Jr. ’84 Lisa (Filtz) Pisarski ’84
Hannah Pisarski ’15 Sydney Pisarski ’16 Cale Jakusz ’17
Andrea Pisarski ’17 Isaac Pisarski ’18 Andrew Pisarski ’20
Julia Jakusz ’21

Check out the letter below from family patriarch Frank Pisarski Sr. on why he chose Catholic education for his family and why he’s proud to support Pacelli Catholic Schools.

Click here or on the pictures below to read a copy of Frank’s letter.







Below are the stories of Frank’s daughters – beloved Pacelli Catholic Middle School teacher, PCS parent, and Pacelli alumna, Elaine (Pisarski) Jakusz ’81 & Pacelli alumna Ellen (Pisarski) Klesta ’79.

Click here or on the image below to read thoughts from Elaine on her involvement and support of Pacelli Catholic Schools as featured in our Winter 2017 Cardinal News publication.

“What my education at Pacelli taught me was ‘INCLUSION’ before it became a popular word. Our class was unified for four years, regardless of one’s preference of friends or activities or lifestyle choices. We all maintained a great love and respect for each other throughout the four years we were blessed to be together. I’ve mentioned this to my children time and time again, how everyone ‘got along’ and stuck together as a class – in good times and in challenging times. This closeness still remains in my heart which, I consider a great gift from the school and administrators who supported us all equally.”

Ellen (Pisarski) Klesta ’79
Daughter of Frank Pisarski Sr. & Sister of Elaine (Pisarski) Jakusz ’81, Frank Pisarski Jr. ’84, & David Pisarski ’87

Pictured right is Ellen (Pisarski) Klesta ’79 (center) with her children Frankie and Violette.

“As a seventeen year old attending Pacelli, I didn’t realize the mark it would make on my life until I started my own family. Pacelli High School has given me an incredible friendship bond that I have with some of my fellow classmates. My classmates and I just celebrated 30 years since graduating from Pacelli and that friendship bond is as strong as ever. Now as a parent, you always want the best for your children and we felt that Pacelli Catholic Schools would be the best fit. A strong emphasis on higher-level academics, smaller class sizes, and the great athletic program were definitely positives as well.”

Dave Pisarski ’87, Father of Hannah ’15, Isaac ’18, & Andrew ’20; Son of Frank Pisarski Sr.

“I am very thankful for my faith-based education my parents were able to provide. One of my fondest memories includes the ability to try out for any sport. I played football, basketball, and also participated in theatre arts. Also, the plays were a blast! That’s something you might not always find at a larger school – the ability to play a sport or be involved in the arts because of the amount of students trying out. Being part of a close family-minded community like Pacelli is great. The years my daughters attended brought me back to the days I attended. It’s even greater seeing some of my classmates’ children attending Pacelli along with my, carrying on the tradition.”

Frank Pisarski Jr. ‘84, Husband of Lisa (Filtz) Pisarski ‘84; Father of Sydney ‘16 & Andrea ‘17; Son of Frank Pisarski Sr.

“I was very fortunate to attend Pacelli High School. I enjoyed the smaller, more personal class sizes and the attention the teachers provided. Participating in pom-poms and cheerleading as well as running Varsity track all four years was very rewarding. It taught me discipline and gave me structure. Pacelli helped me find courage and confidence within myself. This has continued throughout high school and beyond. Our family still continues in our path of faith formed and nourished by our Catholic school years. We raised two daughters who will do the same because we understand that we continue on by the grace of God. While at Pacelli, I also had the privilege of meeting my best friend and now husband of 23 years. I can’t believe all of my immediate family members are all alumni now!”

Lisa (Filtz) Pisarski ‘84, Wife of Frank Pisarski Jr. ‘84; Mother of Sydney ‘16 & Andrea ‘17

“Pacelli has been a place to call home for me. Even after graduation, the community welcomes us. Pacelli prepared me to be accepting of others and how important it is to know who you are. Through the teachings of God, Pacelli allowed us to be our best selves. My experiences and friendships made at Pacelli will be forever special.”

Hannah Pisarski ’15, Daughter of Dave ’87 & Kathy Pisarski

“I would say that Pacelli best prepared me for college in academics. Throughout all of high school I was able to create and maintain good study habits and they followed me to college. I would say the best thing about being a Pacelli student is being able to participate in all the different activities that the school has to offer. During my senior year I was able to land a lead role in our school play and it was an amazing experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life, because it was a huge accomplishment for me.”

Sydney Pisarski ’16, Daughter of Frank Jr. ’84 & Lisa (Filtz) ’84 Pisarski

“Pacelli was a second family to me, and I made a lot of lifelong friends who support me and pick me up when I need them most! College has been a lot easier for me then other kids at my school, thanks to the preparation teachers give you while you are in high school. The tougher exams and grading systems really prepare you for your end goal; to get a college degree. Being a Pacelli student gave me the opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of at a bigger, less student-driven school. I couldn’t have played three sports, been involved with the arts, and also maintained good grades if I didn’t go to a school like Pacelli, whose great teachers help you flourish as an individual.”

Cale Jakusz ’17, Son of Elaine (Pisarski) ’81 & Jim Jakusz

“Pacelli has always been a place to call home for me, because I always had family surrounding me. It has always felt that everywhere in the Pacelli community I have found someone who gave me a sense of comfort. The sport teams that I have been privileged to be a member of, allowed me to form friendship bonds that I will have for the rest of my life. Pacelli has prepared me for the future as well, helping me form my faith base and discovering my morals and values. This school has given me my start to independence.”

Andrea Pisarski ’17, Daughter of Frank Jr. ’84 & Lisa (Filtz) ’84 Pisarski

“Being able to attend Pacelli is an experience that many people do not get to have. The lessons learned and memories made will last a lifetime. Going to Pacelli is so special because everyone is a huge family. No matter what activity you are in, or what your interests are, you are supported by everyone in the whole school. Each person has a special bond with everyone at the school and nobody is ever left behind or forgotten. What I like best about attending Pacelli is how every single student is unique and individual, but they all have a true home and place at Pacelli. Everyone is loved and accepted no matter what they believe in or how they express themselves.”

Isaac Pisarski ’18, Son of Dave ’87 & Kathy Pisarski

“I like Pacelli because we can express our faith freely and get to talk and learn more about it. The teachers are very helpful and are always there to help us learn and to get better. It is impacting my life in a great way because it is giving me a great, faith-based high school experience. What it means to be a part of the Pacelli family is that we are all one, and together as one. In learning, during sports, and in prayer, we are all counting on each other, and participating in these activities together. We work hard together, and we have fun together at Pacelli.”

Andrew Pisarski ’20, Son of Dave ’87 & Kathy Pisarski

“I love attending Pacelli High School. It is a great environment that is filled with so many nice people. It means a lot to be able to attend such a prestigious school. I think my favorite part of Pacelli is the advanced classes. It is nice to have advanced classes, so students can stay ahead of the average curriculum. Already as a freshman, I am taking an AP class that can help me earn credits toward my college degree. My studies are very important to me and I want to do the best that I can do, so I can get into a great 4- year college and pursue the career of my dreams. I am also grateful for the smaller numbers. This allows for more one-on-one teacher attention. It also helps garner more playing time for all athletes.”

Julia Jakusz ’21, Daughter of Elaine (Pisarski) ’81 & Jim Jakusz

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