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Referral Program

You are our best recruiters and we want to reward you! Earn $250 toward your family’s tuition plus a $100 PCS gift card!

Your child (one per family) will receive a $100 PCS gift certificate for helping (thanks to a generous donation by a PCS family). The PCS Enrollment Referral Form must be received by the Central Office prior to the official registration of the new family. Here is how it works:

  1. Recruit new families into our Catholic schools.
  2. Complete the form below and we will do the follow-up.
  3. The new family must enter or transfer at least one student into PCS grades K-12. “New family” denotes that the prospective family does not currently have a child in the PCS system.
  4. The $250 will be awarded to the referring family based upon the number of families that were recruited into the system, not the number of students.
  5. The new family must remain enrolled for at least one semester. The referring family will receive a $250 tuition credit toward their tuition cost once the new student completes one semester.
  6. Your son/daughter will receive a $100 PCS gift certificate good for the purchase of gift cards in the PCS office.

Complete the referral form today!

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Pacelli Catholic Schools Dress Code

Pacelli Catholic School (PCS) system promotes the virtues of modesty and self-respect.  Student dress and personal grooming not only demonstrate respect for ourselves and others but also reflect the seriousness with which children and young people approach all their efforts as students.  With a goal of promoting a genuine Christian learning environment, the PCS commission has established the dress code outlined here will govern student dress in all PCS schools. At all times, there is not to be any saying, picture or reference on clothing that is inconsistent with Catholic faith and morals.  Items which reference drugs or alcohol, or have content inconsistent with Catholic teaching are inappropriate.

The PCS administration reserves the right to deviate from the dress code at their discretion when circumstances warrant.  The administration also reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.

Mass Day attire:  Boys should wear long pants (no shorts), shirt or sweater. Ties are optional.  Girls should wear dress slacks, skirts or dresses of modest length.  Blouses and/or tops of dresses should not be low cut, have bare shoulders or spaghetti straps.

The following requirements apply to all students enrolled in PCS:

  1. Clothing must reflect the virtues of modesty and respect for self and others.
    • Colored jeans (not blue) or khakis may be worn by all students.
    • Clothing must fit properly
    • Clothing must be free of slits, tears, holes, patches and other personal alterations
    • Midriffs and cleavage must be covered
    • Skirts must be of an appropriate length
    • Shirts must have sleeves
    • PCS spirit wear sweatshirts may be worn any time.
    • Any writing other that PCS must not have writing larger than 2×3 inches.
  2. Any accessory that draws undue attention to a student is not permitted.  This includes, but is not limited to makeup, hairstyles and all unreasonable body jewelry.  Unreasonable body jewelry includes that worn in the tongue, nose, lips, eyebrows, excessive piercing in the ears, etc. Body art, including tattoos and piercings, must be covered. Hair must be neat and clean. Beards, mustaches, and excessive facial hair are not allowed.
  3. The following apparel is not permitted for any PCS students during the school day.
    • Outerwear, including hats, caps, and gloves
    • Beach shoes, plastic or rubber flip flops
    • Camouflage clothing
    • Visible undergarments
    • Bandanas
    • Clothing with logos advertising illegal or illicit substances, sexual content/innuendo, other inappropriate messages, athletic teams, or product endorsements.
    • Sweatpants and sweat suits.
    • Workout clothing (including yoga and tight fitting or stretch tops or pants)
    • Athletic wear (except team or spirit wear apparel, when approved)

Approved at Commission on 3/1/12

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