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Viterbo University Program

Pacelli Catholic High School (PCHS), in partnership with Viterbo University of LaCrosse will be offering, as a college level course, MATH-155, A Way of Thinking, (also called Math Topics) – 3 credits (two semesters) taught by Ms. Schroeder at PCHS. Students will receive credit for a high school class on their high school transcript, as well as credits for college. Viterbo also offers Beginning French I and Beginning French II at PCHS. Both of these classes are 3 credits.

In order to apply, Viterbo University requires that students have a 3.0 GPA and have received a B or higher in all previous coursework in the subject applied for. These credentials will be verified by the high school administrator of the program before the application is approved.

The cost for the course is $25/credit, plus a one-time non-refundable deposit of $25. Although there is no guarantee, it is likely that these courses will be accepted at other universities.

Students will register in school and pay fees through SPACS. If you are interested in earning credit through Viterbo University, see the school counselor for an application form and course checklist. Return these with a $25 application fee. Checks are payable to Pacelli Catholic Schools.

PCHS students have several options to earn college credits:

  • Advanced Placement Courses – These are offered at the high school. Students take an exam in the spring to earn credits in the areas of Math, English, and U.S. History
  • College testing programs – When a student enrolls at a college, they can often take tests to earn credits at the university. Many of our students do this, particularly in foreign language
  • Viterbo University Courses
  • Taking a course independently at UWSP, a Technical College, or at an accredited on-line institution (students must pay the full fees for these courses)