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Career & Academic Academies

The Pacelli Career and Academic Academies provide PCHS juniors and seniors with opportunities to start their college education early.  Saving students thousands of dollars in tuition while giving them a significant academic edge in college is a major benefit of this program.  Many of the courses that are part of the Pacelli Career and Academic Academies are transferable to UW college undergraduate programs*.  There are over 16 different academies to choose from:

Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Manufacturing, Welding,  Nursing/Pre-Med, Forestry, and more

Here are few examples of what a student’s schedule may look like is they enroll in an academy:

Example: Business/Marketing Academy

Junior Year

  • Microsoft Office  (3 college credits)
  • Marketing Principles (4 college credits)

Senior Year

  • Intro to Business (3 college credits)
  • Accounting I (4 college credits)

TOTAL College Credits Earned: 14 credits

Approximate Savings:  $4,700

Example: Technology/Software Development Academy

Junior Year

  • College Math (3 college credits)
  • Intro to Programming (3 college credits)

Senior Year

  • Hardware Essentials (3 college credits)
  • Networking I  (3 college credits)

TOTAL College Credits Earned: 12 credits

Approximate Savings:  $3,960

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*Families and students need to contact their university admissions office to see if the credits are transferable into their program. Every college and university has its own rules about what is accepted as college credit.  It is best to contact the college or university admissions office to verify whether they will offer credit for any class taken.  College Transfer Wizard will provide you with generally information about classes accepted in the UW system, but it is always best to verify this information.