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Concert Choir
Concert Choir is the core of the choral music program. The five goals of the Concert Choir are to: Become skillful listeners; become kind, caring, and positive ensemble members; become competent users of musical notation; become sensitive and spirited performers, and connect to God through this gift of music. Every choir student will have one fifteen-minute lesson each week with the instructor on related methods and materials to refine musical concepts. The student will perform in concerts, large and small ensembles, music festivals, clinics and Mass. The Concert Choir is a member of the Wisconsin School Music Association and participates in the W.S.M.A. Solo/Ensemble and Concert Festival.

Small Ensembles Choir
This select group of singers meets once a week at 7:00-7:40 AM. Each student is auditioned and placed in an all-women’s and all-men’s choir, as well as in small barbershop-style groups. The repertoire is both challenging and entertaining. Open to all students, even those not currently enrolled in choir. The student enrolled in this choir makes several public appearances throughout the year and participate in solo/ensemble.