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The academic focus of our school is to provide a challenging yet supportive curriculum to all students.  Singapore Math is used in all grades, which greatly accelerates math learning.  Numerous computer programs help support students in language arts and math.  Reading is stressed at all levels in a variety of ways.   Students receive additional support if there is an academic need, whether it is in remediation or acceleration.  Religion is not only taught daily, but incorporated into all other aspects of school life.

The schools have forged several partnerships in the community, which helps provide more individual instruction.  Groups like Foster Grandparents, the University of Wisconsin –Stevens Point, the United Way, the Portage County Business Council and other community organizations work with our students regularly at all levels.

Technology is all over the school.  Each classroom has a SMART Board, and students have access to mini labs,  and a larger computer lab.  By 2016, all Students in grades 1-5 will have a personal tablet to use in school.  Technology is considered another tool for students.  STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a large part of the science curriculum.

Assessment is a major portion of the academic program.  A variety of tools are used which helps monitor students’ progress.  Curriculum Based Monitors from the University of Oregon, DRA’s, Three Minutes Assessments, and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills are  sample of some of the assessments.  Students at all levels score extremely high, performing at some of the highest levels in the country.

The staff has received numerous awards.  Currently on staff there are seven teachers who have received the Herb Kohl Fellowship Award, recognizing the top 100 teachers in the state (two others recently retired).   Teachers and support staff have also earned numerous local awards as well.