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Parent-Teacher Communication

The foundation for good parent-teacher-school relationships is frequent and open communication. Parent newsletters, monthly classroom calendars and dry erase boards are major means of communication between school and home.  They communicate daily activities, lessons and events.  A lesson plan will also be posted weekly in each classroom.

At Pacelli Catholic ECC information is provided to the parents by the preschool and child care teachers on a daily basis. If a need arises, the staff will provide parents with verbal or written communication about their child’s day. To contact your child’s teacher, please see Staff Directory under “About Us” for contact information.

Parents are welcome to communicate with child care staff via email or phone.  All staff are given an email account through the Pacelli Catholic Schools website.  Staff members may take phone calls from parents during the day when their schedule permits.  If a staff member is unavailable, parents may leave a message and staff will return the phone call at their earliest convenience.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are an ideal time to check your child’s progress, behavior, attitude, and other aspects of your child’s growth. Conferences are planned for the fall and spring, but parents are encouraged to keep in contact with your child’s teacher throughout the year. Please remember that at this early childhood level we will not be giving your child a formal assessment or “report card.” If at any time during the year a parent would like to set up a conference, one will be arranged.

*Infant and Toddler parents will have the opportunity to update their child’s Intake form every 3 months and discuss their child’s development.