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Religious Education

School Curriculum
A specific diocesan curriculum is provided to all schools in the area of religion.  Religion is to be taught daily, and students attend mass every week, taking roles in the liturgical celebration.  Additionally, special activities are held during the liturgical year, such as during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, to enhance student’s understanding of the scripture, morals and other Catholic traditions.  The diocesan Virtues Program is also part of the religion program. Students make their First Communion and First Reconciliation in their own parishes.  After that has been done, these sacraments are celebrated regularly throughout the school year.

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Teacher Faith Formation
Teachers and Administrators are required by the Diocese of LaCrosse to obtain Basic and Advanced Certification in Personal Faith Formation. New teachers will complete Basic Certification within the first two years of employment. Initial Advanced Certification requires 90 hours (82 for certified teachers) earned over a five-year cycle in the areas of Methods, Scripture and Doctrine (Theology).